5 iPhone tips to take your photos to the next level!

5 iPhone tips to take your photos to the next level!

1. Rule of thirds

Follow the rule of thirds. Your iPhone has an option to show the gridlines by following Settings > Photo and Camera, then enabling the Grid feature. To use the rule of thirds, align the objects in your shot to the gridlines.

For example you’re taking a photo of a sunset. The most interesting aspect of the view, in this case the sky, should take up two thirds of the shot. The horizon line should be placed on the bottom line of the grid. This shot is much more interesting to look at than the horizon line right in the middle of the photo. By following the rule of thirds, you will produce much more dynamic photos.

2. HDR

The High Dynamic Range features lets you take photos with a high contrast light. This feature helps to take photos without distorting the light or dark areas of the photo. Your iPhone does this by taking several photos at different exposures of the one shot and merging them together. IPhones 5s models and up have sensors to automatically turn on the HDR feature (you’ll know it’s on when you see the little yellow box written with HDR on your screen). However if your iPhone doesn’t have the auto HDR feature, you can turn it on/off in the Camera app.

3. Exposure slider

Your camera app gives you the ability to directly change the exposure of your shot. You can do this by:

  1.      Pressing down on the screen (this action will activate the focus box)
  2.      Tap on the yellow focus box to prompt the yellow exposure slider with a sun icon
  3.      Increase exposure as you pull the sun icon up, and decrease exposure as you pull the sun icon down

This feature is perfect for when you feel your image is underexposed or blown out. You’re also able to brighten or darken your photo without having to edit the image after it is taken.

4. Third party apps

There are some great apps on the market that give you more features than the default camera app on your iPhone. These apps allow you to edit your photos as they are being taken. Some aspects you may edit are the shutter speed, ISO, white balance etc. These apps are useful when you enjoy creating beautifully curated shots. 

5. Volume button

Tapping the shutter button on your screen can often shake your phone and blur your shot. You can gain much more control over your image by using the volume buttons on the side your phone.

Earphones also do the trick as the volume button on earphones has the ability to take photos without requiring you to touch/move your phone at all - resulting in stable and precise shots.

Image: https://bossfight.co/14476-2/

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